#1 For Customer Satisfaction (Small Mortgage Company): RWM Home Loans

RWM Home Loans surpassed hundreds of companies with their 4.96 average star-rating, taking the number one spot in the small division. Scott Harris and Craig Pollack sat down with Suzanne and Brad of RWM to discuss how they manage to always provide such a great customer experience:

  1. Creating Leaders: Brad explains the massive impact of trusting and encouraging each person to be a leader. He stresses, “If you embrace everyone as a leader in the company and you listen to them, we then know what we need to be doing and what is working and what is not working.” Empowering their employees really starts the funnel towards providing that great customer experience. 
  2. Being Proactive: Instead of focusing on ‘crisis management’ from a bad customer experience, RWM actively works towards providing a great customer experience from the very beginning. The operations department and the loan officers work closely together to ensure that every single customer is satisfied through their entire journey. 
  3. Social Sharing: Suzanne speaks to the power of connectivity and activity on all social media platforms. Saying, “once [a review] gets posted it just flowers out there. And the exciting part is I have new loan officers who get deals because people can see how excellent our reviews are across the chain.” When a loan officer provides that great customer experience, the social world immediately sees that, and trust is built almost instantly. 
  4. Always finding solutions: While you can try to be as proactive as possible, sometimes things happen. Suzanne explains what drives the team to work relentlessly each day for each client is to ”be the problem solvers that really makes someone’s dreams become a reality.” Even when a problem does arise, the RWM team finds winning solutions that ultimately put their clients in homes, and that’s really what sets them apart. 

The commitment to consistently provide great customer experiences every day is what really sets RWM Home Loans apart.