#1 Loan Officer Jennifer Ballheimer of Mortgage Financial Services

CEO of SocialSurvey, Scott Harris, virtually sits down with Jennifer BallHeimer, the #1 Loan Officer in the US for Customer Satisfaction, to discuss her ability to provide consistently ‘WOW’ customer experience (view full list of winners). With an average star rating of 4.97 across 195 reviews, it’s needless to say that Jennifer creates WOW for every single customer day after day. Let’s take a look at her secrets to success:

  1. Her team: Jennifer shouts out her team at Mortgage Financial Services, especially her assistant Brandy and processor Erica, who even work weekends to ensure every customer is satisfied and at ease during the process. “It takes a village to give a wow customer service experience…Following Through: Jennifer takes the initiative to continually remind her customers to complete her survey, often calling to say, “What about my social survey? You have to do that. Remember?”
  1. Making it Happen: Plain and simple, Jennifer and her team work tirelessly to get every loan done, in time, to create a WOW customer experience.

A coworker spoke these kind words about Jennifer: “I wish you could meet her because you would be in her presence for 30, maybe 60 seconds at the most, and you would know that you are surrounded by excellence” 

It’s clear that Jennifer not only brings the WOW for her customers, but to everyone who has a minute to spend with her.