Mortgage Companies Delivering a Great Customer Experience and Dominating Online Ratings and Reviews

2016 MOCSI Report – January 2017

(spoken like moxy – Mortgage Origination Customer Satisfaction Index)

The mortgage loan process is complicated. For consumers, it can be 30 days or more of frustration. If a refinance is a maze, the home purchase transaction is an absolute labyrinth.

The process begins with the home search, writing offers and entering into contract. Then the customer must complete the application, lock a rate, and collect documentation. On the professional side there is origination, processing, appraisal, underwriting, title, insurance, review, audit, closing, and funding. The consumer eventually gets to the settlement table and can move into their new home.

Exhale. Finally! One thing is certain; along the way something didn’t go as planned. There are just too many moving parts for everything to run perfectly. Ever.

Because of this, many lenders avoid asking their customers for post-closing feedback. Instead, they resort to allocating resources in reaction to upset customers’ online rants on Google, Yelp or the CFPB. There are some lenders who ask borrowers for feedback. What little data they get is poorly used. It either sits on an employee’s desktop or ends up in some quarterly report.

That is not the case for the companies that have made the MOCSI list for 2016. All are happy to ask their customers for feedback and even more excited to share the true voice of their customer online.

This was an extremely difficult list to make. All winning companies are using an automated system and meet the following minimum criteria;

  1. Requests must be sent to all customers.
  2. A minimum completed survey response from at least 45% of customers.
  3. The survey, at a minimum must include the “likely to refer” question as well as an “overall experience” question.
  4. Any interference (like trying to remove unhappy customers from the list) would disqualify the company altogether.

Congratulations to the MOCSI Top Performers for 2016

Large Companies
(250 or more Originators)

#1 – Summit Funding

An awesome performance with 4.8 out of 5.0 stars across 9,000 reviews, from over 52% of their customers. Equally impressive is that nearly 800 customers posted 5 stars reviews on Google in 2016. Congrats to the entire team at Summit. Your customers are speaking loudly, and they are doing it online!

SocialSurvey has simply amazed us with the speed and ease of integrating their easy to use customer surveys. We were thrilled to see over 10 X’s improvement… Many of our Summit branches have also vaulted to the top of Google’s searches. I am so impressed, that it is easy to say SocialSurvey is the biggest / fastest 3rd Party Software Integration Win we have deployed in quite some time.”

Mark Graham, Director of Marketing at Summit Funding

#2 – American Financial Network

4.8 out of 5.0 Stars with over 7,000 reviews and a 47% response rate. In the past 16 months, their reviews have been shared over 40,000 times online.

SocialSurvey has not only increased our referral business, but also allowed us at the executive level to engage with customers’ opinions, thanking them or helping them immediately. AFN’s high ratings… prove to us that our model of supporting various branch ideas and business plans is working. We also appreciate the instant feedback from our consumers directly to us so we know where we can improve every day.”

Jon Gwin, COO of AFN

#3 – New American Funding

4.9 stars across 3,700 reviews. And an amazing 52% customer response rate.

“We’re thrilled to be named one of the best companies in the mortgage industry for customer satisfaction in 2016! Not only do we value our customer’s feedback but we understand the significance of generating quality online reviews,” said Rick Arvielo, CEO of New American Funding. “We’re always thinking outside of the box and how we can remain progressive as a company; so it’s exciting to witness the outstanding impact of Social Survey. In a short time frame, it has tremendously expanded the brand of our Loan Officers. We see this as an excellent beginning of great things to come.”

#4 – Freedom Mortgage

4.9 stars and a calculated NPS score so ridiculously high we are afraid to publish it. Their customers are all happy to refer friends and family to Freedom’s originators. This was a hall-of-fame performance. Unfortunately, we don’t have data from all of their retail loan officers, so we cannot give them the crown. The information we have shows a nearly perfect performance.

#5 (tie) – PRMG (Paramount Residential Mortgage Group)

PRMG just recently launched their survey program, so they only had a couple of months of data to qualify for the 2016 list. That’s the bad news. The good news; they performed flawlessly with 4.9 stars and over 1,000 completed surveys from 48% of their customers.

#5 (tie) – PRMI (Primary Residential Mortgage Inc)

Another nearly perfect performance. 4.9 stars over 2,300 completed surveys from 51% of customers surveyed. Unfortunately, we only have data from a limited number of regions.

“SocialSurvey has been a great addition to our online strategy of brand building and brand awareness. SocialSurvey helps keeps great originators focused on what truly matters, ‘The Customer Experience.’”

Craig Steel, National Director Business Development for PRMI

Small Companies
(fewer than 250 Originators)

#1 – Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation (AHMC)

4.9 out of 5.0 stars. 1600 Completed Reviews from 57% of their customers and hundreds of additional 5 star Reviews on Google. We told the AHMC leadership after this performance, “Just drop the mic and walk off stage. Your performance speaks for itself!”

“The reviews have helped us increase our overall social outreach and exposure. Loan Officer’s family and friends are consistently commenting and interacting … which results in more business. SocialSurvey is the best dollar for dollar resource we have.”

Matthew Van Fossen, COO of AHMC

#2 – Centennial Lending Group

4.9 stars across 500 reviews, representing 57% of their customers. Another stat to celebrate is CLG’s reviews get shared online an average of 9 times! That is a nearly flawless performance.

“Surveys have been an integral part of our business success this past year. Customers sharing their experiences brings us unparalleled recognition and business opportunities.”

Susan Meitner, CEO of CLG

#3 – Diamond Residential Mortgage

4.9 stars from 2,400 reviews, which is a completed survey from 52% of their customers. Their reviews were shared over 16,000 times online.

“We are proud and delighted of our SocialSurvey results for 2016! The DRMC team has a commitment to excellence and to our customer and clients both internal and external. This commitment is demonstrated in the results achieved. Taking care of our customer is the passion, heart and soul that flows within the company. Our decision to put the SocialSurvey platform in place was one of our finest decisions!”

Paul Diamond, CEO/President DRMC

#4 – Allied Mortgage Group

4.8 Stars from 2,400 responses which represents 52% of their customers, many of which left a 5 star review on Google. Amazingly, their reviews were shared over 12,000 times online.

#5 – Churchill Mortgage

A WOW performance turned in by Churchill that must be acknowledged. 59% of their customers complete a survey. That is the best performance we have seen in response rate. They also have 4.8 stars across 2,100 reviews.

“Customer relationships and the validation of value we bring to clients drive everything we do at Churchill Mortgage. Internally, our SocialSurveys allow us to monitor our customer service levels, proactively streamline operations, and highlight communication opportunities on a daily basis. We believe transparent customer feedback and continual training allow our team to serve clients better, and ultimately, build a more stable and efficient business.”

L. H. “Mike” Hardwick, III, President of CMC

So there you have it. Delivering a fantastic customer experience in an extremely complicated and highly regulated industry is not only possible, it is happening every day. Loan Originators looking for the right place to work in a ever-changing landscape need look no further than the 11 lenders listed above.

If you are not already reviewing your customers, make it a priority for 2017. Collecting customer feedback is so valuable for your business. Sharing that feedback online is a crucial component of the process. Your customers are happy to write reviews and share their experience on Google and social media which will help you grow your business.

SocialSurvey is the mortgage industry’s solution for automating survey requests and sharing reviews and testimonials online.

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