2016 Top 25 Mortgage Loan Originator for Customer Satisfaction: Ari Gagne

It’s anticipating the potential issues that might occur that leads to a smooth escrow.

Ari Gagne has earned a spot as one of SocialSurvey’s Top 25 Loan Officers of 2016. Out of 10,000 loan officers, Ari is among the top 1% for customer satisfaction with more than 153 five-star reviews.  His proven secret to success involves creating a seamless experience for his clients and maintaining high-touch communication so everyone involved in the process stays up to date.

Ari found his place in the lending industry in 2003 and quickly built up a large family of happy customers. It is his dedication to his customers that allowed him to become a top producer for six consecutive years. When he’s not helping families finance dream homes, Ari can be found at the golf course, playing the bass guitar, or enjoying the outdoors with his family. He currently lives in Butte County with his wife, Kelly Mack, and their joyous 9-month old daughter, Monet.

I would trust Ari to take care of my closest friends and family. As a first time home buyer, Ari made sure I understood the entire process and he was able to explain things so that I could make an educated choice about my loan. I never felt pressured or stressed, just supported. The process was smooth…

Reviewed by Travis J S. / February 2017

Customers are buzzing about excellent partnership with Ari. Ari stands out next to competitors because of the dedication and strong work ethic he brings to his clients. As one of our most disciplined and proactive top originators, Ari has demonstrated that a seamless and enjoyable experience can be achieved despite the complicated process of loan originating. Congratulations to Ari for being one of Social Survey’s Top 25 Loan Officers for customer satisfaction in 2016.

Ari has built up and maintained a satisfied family of clients, and we were curious how he does it. Here’s what Ari has to say about working in the industry.

In order to be successful, you often must juggle multiple customers and priorities. How do you show each and every client that you care?

My goal is to never have the client call me in order to get an update…I am in contact with every single one of my borrowers at least every other day. Sometimes it is just a matter of calling to confirm the same thing I said two days ago.

Ari is no stranger to success, and a large part of that can be attributed to his proactive communication. He makes a point to cover all his client’s needs before they even come up.

What is your greatest achievement and how has it shaped you?

Without a doubt, earning my Ph.D. has been my biggest achievement. The process was the most mentally challenging thing I have ever done by far. The challenge and experience of earning my Ph.D. has made me more willing to accept more challenges that I would normally shy away from. The process has provided me with a work ethic that has enabled me to excel in the loan origination business. Without hesitation I can say I work harder than most.

I’m one of those people that firmly believes the way you do your business determines the amount of business you do.

What do you do to earn your customer’s trust?

I firmly believe my clients trust me the way they do because they can see through my actions that I always have their best interests at heart. 

Ari goes above and beyond for his clients by making himself available after business hours and on the weekends to ensure his customer’s comfort. He continually proves to his clients that they are his number one priority and develops a high level of trust with everyone he assists with the loan process.

Without this trust I wouldn’t know what to do.

What do you do to keep such a happy base of clients?

Almost the entirety of my business comes from simply doing great business. I take advantage of providing a seamless experience for both listing and buyer’s agents in every escrow I’m involved in.

Maintaining the happiness of all of your clients is not always easy, but Ari puts in the necessary hard work to ensure every client is satisfied.

At the end of an escrow, many listing agents reach out to me and let me know how much they appreciated my communication and how they would like to work with me in the future. 

Ari was absolutely superb, in providing seamless service, throughout our experience in purchasing our home. We were extremely impressed with the ease of the process. Ari’s expertise, clarity and follow through made the experience enjoyable. We particularly appreciated Ari’s gracious and warm engagement during the process. We will be sharing our experience with others, in the years to come. Clearly, Ari is a tremendous asset to the Summit Funding team, as he provides 5 Star services – Well done!

Reviewed by Gerry K P. / February 2017

And he carries on those relationships with genuine compassion for all of his customers. Twelve years in the mortgage lending industry and counting has equipped Tim with the intuition to steer his success. However, he humbly maintains that he wishes to “know what other TOP originators do” to achieve ultimate success.

 Article Written By Rachel Kolokousis