2016 Top 25 Mortgage Loan Originator for Customer Satisfaction: Brian Sciutto

Social Survey has declared Brian Sciutto among the Top 25 Loan Officers in America for customer satisfaction. Competing against over 10,000 loan officers, he towers high with his relationship based customer service. The results of Brian’s client-tailored process, and impressive interaction with the customer, show the mortgage industry how important it is to have a sincere interest in your client.

Outside of work, Brian and his beautiful wife, Shadele, have been consumed with their newest addition, 8 month old daughter top. But if Brian does have a moment of free time, he enjoys exercising, spending time with his wife, or dipping into his past with some water polo, just as when he played at Pepperdine University. Brian has also had the opportunity to be on 8 episodes of Bay Watch, filling up his impressive resume. Brian says, “I have accomplished more than I could’ve ever imagined in such a short time”. He is proud to have recently opened his own mortgage bank, Pure Mortgage. And be selected, by his peers and mentors, as a couch for Core Training, a leadership position within his organization. Most importantly, he is excited to impact others in the industry as he has been influenced.

Brian climbed to the top of this industry in 2010 when many were running from the new regulations of the Mortgage Banking world. He says one of his favorite quotes is, “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” His endurance to define his future in a way many wouldn’t at the time, helped him to a branch manager/owner position. Congratulations to Brian, a deserving candidate, on achieving top-level results. With an overall 4.9 star rating among a growing 156 reviews, he reaches the top 1% and finds himself an exciting success in this challenging industry.

The Sciutto team is the absolute best! They were very knowledgeable and quick to take care of every aspect of my mortgage process. I am telling everyone I know about this great team and I am certain I will be using them again for my next mortgage.

Reviewed by Marc G. / October 2017

With so much success, we felt Brian would have a lot of wisdom to share. And he didn’t disappoint. Here is what Brian had to say:

What activities do you do to retain your customers and earn referrals?

We listen to our clients and WOW them. We constantly focus on creating referable moments through servicing our clients from the time we meet them, through the loan process and for years after funding their loans. We send our clients notes, tokens of appreciation and gifts throughout the process and for many years after. We focus on the clients interests by having them complete an “All About You” form which tells us what they like, when important dates are such as anniversaries and birthdays, charities that they participate with and financial areas that they may need help with. We don’t make our clients feel like a number, we show them that we listen and care.

We don’t make our clients feel like a number, we show them that we listen and care.

The process of originating and closing loans is complicated. How are you able to make it easy and seamless for your clients?

There is no doubt that the origination process is complicated and unique to almost every single client and file. I have built a team to cater to our clients and the process so that it is as efficient and seamless as possible. Our team focuses on specific job duties at each stage of the process so that we can better service and communicate efficiently. We also embrace technology as much as possible to help automate various elements of the process so that everything is more efficient and transparent. This process is always evolving and we strive to make it better each day. One of the ways that we improve is by sending our clients in-depth surveys to allow them to tell us what we did right and wrong and encourage them to constructively criticize us so that we can get better for the next client. We also use Social Survey to help summarize the client experience which has been awesome to push and share on our social media platforms.

I was so grateful to have the Sciutto team help us through the loan process. We can’t believe how quick everything went, and even with the little bumps, Christy was amazing at keeping us in the loop and moving things along. We feel spoiled to have had the Sciutto team help us buy our first home and if we have to do it again, we will choose the Sciutto team without a doubt.

Reviewed by Adam B. / September 2016

Share with us your methods for getting clients? What types of marketing do you do? How do you get referrals?

100% of our clients come from referrals. We are a relationship based team and organization. We build, service and maintain client, past client and purchase referral relationships as a core philosophy of our business. 


What does your current lender do that helps you be successful?

We close loans on time, under budget, with no surprises – guaranteed. We underwrite loans right upfront, often times before our buyers have found the home, which allows us to guarantee the pre-approval!

The biggest advice that I can share with other loan originators is that anything is possible. You can literally do anything in this business that you want to as long as you are willing to go through the hard work and sacrifices to attain what you want.

Is there anything else you would like to share with other loan originators. Tips? Words of wisdom? Advice?

Surrender. The biggest advice that I can share with other loan originators is that anything is possible. You can literally do anything in this business that you want to as long as you are willing to go through the hard work and sacrifices to attain what you want. I encourage coaching and mentorship as a starting point as even the most successful people in the world have or have had coaching to help them in their success (Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, etc). There are literally NO magic pills in this industry. There isn’t a technology that will help you magically get rich quick. It’s all about structure and systems. You literally have to follow a plan and in following the plan, you can’t skip to page 77 of the playbook because that is the most comfortable page for you. You have to start at page 1 and do everything within that page before turning to the next page. The spoils in this business or any other come to those that are willing to do the things that the masses aren’t. Be honest with yourself and start implementing the things that make you uncomfortable because that should be your truth.

in order to be successful, you often must juggle multiple customers and priorities. How do you show each and every client that you really care?

It starts with our “All About You Form” as I’ve mentioned previously. We invite them to tell us the way they like and want to be communicated with. We also try to meet with each client face to face if possible. I feel that there is no replacement for client interaction. Many times in today’s world, especially in a traffic burdened city such as San Diego, it’s difficult for clients to find time to visit us in person. If they can’t visit us, we set up systems to allow me to speak with and interact with them at every step of the process. We also leverage our team and technology in many different ways to show clients we care by being available as quickly as possible to answer their questions.

The customer service was excellent, from the very first phone call and email received, all the way through the close of Escrow. The online tools available provided a unique and easy interaction with the entire team. Glad to have done business. Thank you!

Reviewed by Roberto R. / October 2017


 Article Written By Rebecca Harris