2016 Top 25 Mortgage Loan Originator for Customer Satisfaction: Giuseppe Battaglioli

SocialSurvey has declared Giuseppe Battaglioli one of the Top 25 Loan Officers in America. Among 10,000 loan officers, he sets himself apart with an excellent overall rating of 4.9 stars among more than 402 reviews. Giuseppe’s honest and reliable communication, along with his guaranteed fully-underwritten pre-approvals, creates trust between himself and his customers. His passion to establish a successful operation, during the complicated process of originating and closing loans, has landed him within the top 1% of loan officers in the country. Lastly, his enthusiasm to care for his clients establishes his customer’s excitement to be a client for life.

Outside of work, you’ll find Giuseppe out mountain biking, playing baseball with his kids, or woodworking. He has been married to the love of his life since 2004 and they have 3 kids; Twins, Elena and Luca and their youngest, Oliver.

Giuseppe’s journey to the mortgage banking industry began around the time of 9/11. Hit with the aftereffect of 9/11 right out of college, Giuseppe struggled for a year after losing the sales job he had lined up. However, 2002 brought new luck when he was referred to his current manager by a family friend. Since, he has designed his place in the industry, finding himself with top results and faithful customers.

I’ve been using Giuseppe and team for almost 10 years and there are a few reasons. They are honest, trustworthy and friendly. You feel a part of a team that is rooting for you with a big step in your life. They make the process easy and the personalized videos are great too!!! He is my life-long lender! Thanks Giuseppe!

Reviewed July 2017

He has earned a place among the top 25 originators in the country in 2016 for great customer service. Having no less than amazing consistency, communicative strength and a wonderful team environment, he is running toward success and top results with every lending experience he delivers.

We wanted to know what Giuseppe does to achieve such happy customers. Here’s what he had to say about success in the lending industry.

Share with us your methods for getting clients? What types of marketing do you do? How do you get referrals?

I stay in touch with my past clients by calling them for their birthday, an annual review call, and two touching base emails throughout the year. More than half of current loans are past/repeat clients, and the remainder are referrals from Realtors I work with. We have never delayed a loan closing, or issued a faulty pre-approval, so that has built a good reputation around town.

We have never delayed a loan closing, or issued a faulty pre-approval, so that has built a good reputation around town.

The process of originating and closing loans is complicated. How are you able to make it easy and seamless for your clients?

We use technology so they can complete applications online, upload documents securely, and use Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty to reduce the amount of documentation we need. We have email notifications and calls at all important points in the process so they feel assured that all is proceeding well.

Your customers have reported that you can be trusted with their most important financial decision, what do you do to continue to earn that trust?  What does that trust mean to you?

Since the beginning, we have guaranteed an on time, under budget, no surprise closing. This is not what most homebuyers experience in the industry, so I feel that allows us to stand out in the crowd, and generate referrals from past clients. Our team gathers all the documents upfront, and underwrites the file internally, so that we know we can issue a guaranteed approval. Each year this allows clients to feel comfortable in referring their friends and family members, so that more and more of our new clients are direct referrals from past clients – knowing we have this trust is an amazing feeling and tells us that our systems are working well.

Do what you say you are going to do, and do not say you can do something that you are not 100% sure you can do

What does your current lender do that helps you be successful?

We close loans on time, under budget, with no surprises – guaranteed. We underwrite loans right upfront, often times before our buyers have found the home, which allows us to guarantee the pre-approval!

Is there anything else you would like to share with other loan originators. Tips? Words of wisdom? Advice?

Do what you say you are going to do, and do not say you can do something that you are not 100% sure you can do. Show up and follow up, call your clients, and keep it simple. Use a database to keep track of everything, when rates drop, you can sort and know exactly who to call.

Giuseppe and his team were fantastic! They answered any question I had in extremely prompt fashion, and made sure to take care of me from before I started looking at homes, all the way until closing. Words cannot do the excellent service Giuseppe provides any sort of justice; he’s absolutely wonderful.

Reviewed by William L. / April 2017


Article Written By Rebecca Harris