9 Ways Loan Officers Can Win Locally in 2019

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How do you become the Digital Mayor of your community?

1. Make the Most of Your Reviews

For years, LOs have considered word-of-mouth referrals as their primary source of business. Today, it’s online reviews that generate interest—and the best ROI. Collect the true sentiment of customers and amplify their voice to boost online reputation and create instant social proof and credibility. Power online traffic by driving all shared links to your website.

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2. Engage in SocialSurvey

Recent customer feedback of 2,500 LOs reported that SocialSurvey created an average of 13.7% increase in business. How? Leveraging feedback that improves experience satisfaction and online reputation through automation. Company, region, location and agent-specific profile pages power reviews online and drive traffic, trust and new business to your site.


3. Leverage your Reviews

Now that you have great reviews, and they are being managed properly, what can you do with them?
  • Turn text-based reviews into a static image or gif-style graphic.
  • Create a story on your perspective of the transaction, then the actual review itself and a video of the customer talking about their experience.
  • Spoof Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment and record yourself reading reviews aloud for the first time and explain the experience.
  • Screen record of a scroll-through of your reviews and talk about how much they mean to you.
  • Print a favorite review into an large talk bubble/poster and take a photo with it.
  • When receiving a review, schedule a note in your calendar to call that customer when the refinance cycle occurs.
  • Make an Instagram Boomerang to celebrate a great review and turn it into a gif.


4. Use SEO to Your Advantage  

SEO is all about making your data the very best for search engines to read and capture through engagement, relevant content, and clicks. SocialSurvey helps create relevance and engagement by automatically posting your reviews on social media platforms… so make sure you’re connected!
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5. Know How You Rank 

Nothing wrong with a little competition. Do you know how you compare to all the agents in your company? A Leaderboard is a powerful tool for incentivizing greater performance, overall helping to deliver better customer experiences as well as business outcomes.


6. Get Awarded 

There’s a wide variety of awards distributed at national, regional and local levels, ranging in industry specifics and criteria. The good news is that you’re likely eligible for some, like SocialSurvey’s Top Performers campaign, where all our customers are automatically registered. But it’s not just winning that counts—here are a few reasons why awards can be good for business:
  • PR exposure
  • Feature the award logo on website and marketing materials
  • Use it as a benchmark to see how you fare against competition
  • Increased credibility
  • Boosts morale and with motivation to do more


7. Stay Educated  

Just because you head isn’t in the books doesn’t mean you should stop seeking knowledge. The only constant you can count on in business is change, and the mortgage industry is evolving, so it’s up to you to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and new technology. Follow influencers like Mortgage Coach Dave Savage on LinkedIn and join the discussion, watch SocialSurvey’s weekly Facebook Live show EmmaM Online, or listen in to Jason Frazier’s “The Agent Marketer” podcast.


8. Establish Authority as a Digital Mayor*

Social Media users should feel empowered to be the digital mayor of their community. This is someone invested in the area and the people: who knows what it’s like to live, work, play and learn there. Through their depth of community knowledge, they have local market authority and can post engaging area-specific content in different mediums. It’s not only about creating a content calendar, but promoting it to the right people. *Learn more in SocialSurvey’s new series with EmmaM, coming out in January!


9. Local Ads  

Knowing where to spend your valuable advertising dollars is a big decision, but Facebook and Google are great online platforms to find your next prospect. Identify your happy customers, load their emails into Facebook and Google as a happy customer audience and create a lookalike audience based on your happy customers. Create local ad campaigns to educate, engage and keep your brand top of mind, directly to those extremely targeted audiences.
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