API Integration

SocialSurvey is known for managing your online reputation, but that’s not what makes us special. What makes SocialSurvey special is the use of data in motion and engaging a network of people via our platform. We want your customers to be a part of this network, where their true voice is amplified and can spark discovery and connect you to new people.

To help new customers discover and connect with you, we’ve built a Review API, using OAuth2 for authentication, through which you can seamlessly publish your reviews to your personal testimonial page.

To make it easy we have created full documentation on ways to consume our review API. There is no fuss to integrate, no messy builds to get up and running. You could use our API to customize how your reviews are displayed when you publish review data on your company site. You can also publish spotlight reviews that highlight the voice of your happiest customers. We’re incredibly excited to help you unlock your creativity and bring even more customer testimonials and visibility to your business.

To know more or get access to the API, please reach out your Customer Success Manager or email us at support@stage.socialsurvey.com. Your contribution to the SocialSurvey Community will help us improve our API further. Feel free to reach out to us, and provide us insight into how you would like to use the Reviews API, and help us further improve.

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