#CreateWowSummit Speaker Spotlight – Dave Savage

SocialSurvey Dave Savage #CreateWOWSummit

SocialSurvey’s #CreateWOWSummit—the highly anticipated “unconference” coming this September 5-7th at Bishop Ranch in beautiful San Ramon, California—is continuing its #CreateWOWSummit Speaker Spotlights to give attendees a preview of the WOW experiences to come.

SocialSurvey is thrilled to bring you an industry thought leader whose goodwill is so prevalent, we think as him as a thoughtful leader. He has the “heart of teacher” and is widely recognized as The Mortgage Coach, Dave Savage.

Dave’s been helping mortgage professionals, home buyers and realtors for over 30 years. He has achieved great success reducing the friction in a complicated mortgage process, both as a consultant and as a technology provider with his apps: Total Cost Analysis, RateWatch and My Nest.

Dave’s certainly been creating a lot of WOW in the world.

Dave Savage Video Highlights
Dave Savage SocialSurvey #CreateWOWSummit

Watch the video or download the transcript to learn more about:

  • What it means to have “the heart of a teacher”
  • Marketing in the mortgage industry
  • The importance of delivering a five star experience
  • What an “unconference” is, and how he plans to deliver a WOW experience at the Summit

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Register today for SocialSurvey’s “unconference” at www.CreateWOWSummit.com. Follow #CreateWOWSummit or email CreateWOW@SocialSurvey.com for more details.

Let’s Create some WOW together!

-Team SocialSurvey