Data at Rest

“What you have is data at rest. That’s what most of us have, just data at rest,” says Scott Harris, CEO and Founder of SocialSurvey, as he lays the foundation of the possibility of data in motion.

Companies, through intelligent automation, have the power of turning data at rest into data in motion. With data in motion, they can drive outcomes. According to Scott, “using data the right way can drive behavior.”

What is data in motion?

For SocialSurvey’s reviews platform, it’s about getting the review data (data at rest) and putting it online (data in motion). The voice of the customer is data that is now propelling more referrals, driving ego response for the loan officers, and getting them more engaged in their own approach. This progressive use of data is one example of turning your data at rest into data in motion.

Why is this important?

  1. Data in motion leads to rankings, getting employees more competitive so they want to do a better job.
  2. Data in motion leads to growth in business, so there is a compensatory response.
  3. Data in motion is taking data and using it to drive outcomes.

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