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SEO Optimized Public Profile

Our profile pages focus on every part of your online social presence. First, we capture and display as much profile information as possible. More is more here, and by connecting to LinkedIn and filling out all additional fields, we can share your complete business profile with people looking for you online. Next, we connect to your social networks and websites. This allows us to display your recent business posts and connect viewers to your social accounts. Finally, we collect and share your customer’s comments. This gives us a constant stream of fresh data to index. The more profile data, social posts and customer reviews we have, the better it is for your business.

Automated SEO with Star Rating

With data constantly being updated real-time with user-generated content, this allows us to rank highly in search engines. When people search for you online, not only will they see your page in the result, they will also see your star rating, increasing your overall page views.

Find a Pro Search Engine

Maximize your online presence with our professional search. When customers search our site for trusted professionals, we feature our best performing professionals.