EmmaM Online — Episode 24: Facebook Developers Conference Update

EmmaM Episode 24 Facebook Developers F8 Conference Updates

Updates from the Facebook Developers F8 Conference

Facebook recently held their F8 Conference. If you couldn’t tune in, here’s what you missed:

  • Privacy continues to be a big concern
  • Instagram ‘likes’ on personal pages are going away
  • Facebook Messenger will soon be encrypted
  • WhatsApp, Facebook Business Manager & Instagram Direct Messenger are merging into one simple inbox
  • Facebook Recommendations & Local Search updates
  • Redesign & refocus on Groups & Events
  • Noticeable updates to the Facebook UI/UX

Check out the full video above to learn how to get the most out of these Facebook changes when managing your multi-location brand.

“The big question is: How do we manage this at scale across multiple locations? -EmmaM, Social Media Marketing Manager SocialSurvey

SocialSurvey Helps Your Brand Show Up Higher on Facebook’s Local Search

SocialSurvey’s dual workflow will help you gain more Facebook Recommendations effortlessly.

If you have already mastered the art of driving review traffic to your Google My Business (GMB) locations, talk to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to discuss turning on the dual workflow. To clarify, we’ll give your customers the choice to leave you a GMB review OR a Facebook Recommendation and we’ll make it easy for them to do so.

As we discussed last week, having lots of Facebook Recommendations will help your multi-location brand show up in Facebook’s local search 3-pack. In short, it’s important and we’ll help you get it done!

Local Facebook Groups

Brands are eager to engage with their community in more personal ways. Engaging with small businesses in a more intimate environment like a Facebook Local group can be very meaningful.

For example, if you manage a business page on Facebook, you can create your own group within your community to drive engagement.

In addition, over the next few weeks, you can ALSO participate in already established groups as your business page. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

If you have questions about any of the updates from the Developer’s Conference, feel free to reach out directly.

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That’s a wrap of Episode 24. Thanks for all of your insights and collaborations, and see you all next week! Get the reminder.