Encompass Migration from SDK to API

The existing Encompass SDK is being deprecated in favor of a more modern and secure API entry point. Some configuration is required on each existing Lender’s part before SocialSurvey can access their data via the API.

Please leave your current Encompass user configuration for SocialSurvey unchanged. We will make the cut-over from the SDK to the API on our end.

How to Use

An Encompass Developer Connect account and an Encompass API user must be created in the lender’s system. The API user may only access your data via the Encompass API via credentials which SocialSurvey has already acquired from Encompass. A review of your Reporting Dictionary is required to assure all necessary data is available to the API.

Create an Account in Encompass Developer Connect

You must have a Developer Connect account for API connectivity. See pages 1 through 3 of Knowledge Article 33614 – Creating an Account in Developer Connect from Encompass on how to create the account. You do not need to generate a new API key; Encompass has generated the API key (aka API User Client ID) referenced in your email

Create an API User in Encompass

The API User Client ID provided in your email must be added to the Encompass Smart Client as an API User. Make sure that you add this user to your production instance of Encompass. Your production Encompass instance ID begins with “BE” and should match the ID provided in your email; if it does not, please notify us before proceeding any further. See the API User – Lender Migration Instructions from Encompass on how to create the API user.

In addition to the instructions above, you will need to attach a Persona to the API User. You may use same Persona attached to your existing SDK user. Make sure the Persona has LO Connect enabled per the Encompass Lender Migration instructions.

Ensure you check the ‘Access to all loans in the same level’ check box and the ‘View’ radio button.

Here is a video which steps through the Persona and API User creation process.

Reporting Database Review

Please verify that the following Encompass Field IDs are in your reporting database and that they have adequate lengths. Email address fields should have a length of at least 64 characters. Please add any which may be missing or your migration will be delayed:

Field IDDescription
36Borrower FirstNameWithMiddleName
37Borrower LastNameWithSuffix
68Co-borrower FirstNameWithMiddleName
69Co-borrower LastNameWithSuffix
317Loan Officer Name
362Loan Processor Name
748Close date
1240Borrower Email
1268Co-borrower Email
1407Loan Officer Email
1409Loan Processor Email
1490Borrower phone number
1480Co-Borrower phone number
2857Borrower No 3rd party contact ie. opt-out
2858Co-Borrower No 3rd party contact ie. opt-out

Your Company’s custom fields (ie. Event date, Buyer Agent, Seller Agent, etc.) as enumerated in your migration notification email.

Here is a video which steps through the reporting database review process