InsuranceNexus with Scott Harris from SocialSurvey

InsuranceNexus Scott Harris SocialSurvey

Scott Harris, CEO and Co-Founder of SocialSurvey, will be speaking at the Connected Insurance USA Summit.

He’ll be part of a panel discussion on Day 1 (Nov. 28) at Track 1: Customer Engagement at Designing and Delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience.

The panel discussion will be discussing:

  1. Fusing digital and traditional channels: Remapping your customer journey for simplicity
  2. The Experience X-Files: Fixing the moments that wreak havoc on your customer’s experience
  3. Engaging your ecosystem of providers to embody your CX standards

Joining the session will be:

We’ll see you there!

Want to schedule a meeting with Scott during the conference? Email our team here.