Top 10 Loan Officer Jonathan McKinnies (2017)

Jonathan McKinnies

SocialSurvey celebrates Jonathan McKinnies of Hallmark Home Mortgage. He is one of the Top 10 Loan Officers in the country in the 2017 Top Performers Campaign. Among over 20,000 competitors, he sets himself apart with an almost perfect 5 star rating across 174 reviews. Jonathan’s crushing it with a systematic and consistent approach to loan origination, simplifying the complicated roller coaster that is the mortgage industry.

5.00—Great communication & explanations! We were walked through everything step by step and the team made sure we fully understood the process of buying our first home! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Hallmark Home Mortgage & the Jonathan McKinnies Team!

Faith L. / 2018

Jonathan really separates his LO style form the rest with a passion to always serve the families he and his team work with. In his interview with Andrew Berman, for The WOW Factor, he says that by consistently serving your clients, “you look at each transaction with a face instead of just a number.” It’s no wonder Jonathan earned a nationally ranked top 10 spot.

Jonathan’s National “The WOW Factor” Interview

Andrew Berman of Mortgage News Network, interviews Jonathan McKinnies, Mortgage Loan Originator for The Mortgage Firm

Watch the video and/or read the interview questions and his answers below. 

Andrew Berman: As a top performer, what gives you that competitive edge?

Jonathan McKinnies: I think it starts with routine and being disciplined in your day. I’ve got a very specific approach to how I start my day: I make sure I get up early, exercise and get into the office early. I’ll meet with my team every morning and we’ll do a little roundtable and know what our goals are so we can stick with our focus for that day.

It’s not rocket science when it comes to producing mortgages, it’s all about doing the same things you can do consistently. Over time, when you’ve got a systematic approach, it sort of levels out your ups and downs in the industry. Of course, having a team helps with that, but once again keeping a systematic approach makes it feel as though you’re not just commission-based with this variable income, it kind of keeps it so that you have a structured income.

Andrew Berman: How much does your online reputation matter?

Jonathan McKinnies: For us, we’ve adopted SocialSurvey…you’re always needing to create a good online presence simply because that’s where most of your customers are going to start their research. If you don’t have a much of an online presence, then unfortunately with the modern borrower you’re not going to have as much of a reputation that you can hang your hat on.

Andrew Berman: What is your most memorable WOW customer satisfaction experience?

Jonathan McKinnies: Our goal for our team is to always serve families. So when you’ve got that mentality, that mindset of serving families, not just closing the loan, then you look at each transaction with a face as opposed to just being a number. 

We had one deal in particular just last year where the client was so happy because she was a first-time homebuyer. She was not given great service at other places, she came to our team, received that WOW factor from our team. And at the closing table when the buyer starts to cry, you know that you’ve really done something to help them meet their goal. I actually just got off the phone with her yesterdaywe were doing an annual mortgage reviewand she said, ‘Jonathan, I’ve referred at least 4 or 5 people to you.’ And it wasn’t anything more than just that initial WOW Factor that we had when it came to that customer service.

Contact Jonathan and his team directly at 574-968-6660 or search for Jonathan at Hallmark Home Mortgage.

SocialSurvey wants to thank you for representing our Top Performers Campaign. Congrats Jonathan, on your award-winning customer satisfaction!

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