Mortgage Professional America with SocialSurvey’s Craig Pollack

Mortgage Professional America SocialSurvey Craig Pollack

Mortgage Professional America sat down with Craig Pollack, SVP of Business Development at SocialSurvey, to talk about how businesses are managing their reputation:

Any business owner will tell you that online customer reviews can be the wind in your sails or the thorn in your side. Online reviews have a wider reach than a word of mouth recommendation, and for whatever reason, people are more inclined to complain loudly when they’re upset than praise loudly when they’ve been served well. SocialSurvey aims to shift the playing field.

The company came up with a simple, automated process to balance the good reviews with the bad: create an easy way to ask the customers for feedback, ask them if it’s okay to share it on social media, and ask if they’ll write more reviews on other platforms.

“You can’t improve where you can’t measure. You can get in a room and say, ‘we should make our customers happier,’ but how can you possibly know how to do that if you don’t know how happy they are today with the process you’ve already built?” said Craig Pollack, SocialSurvey’s SVP of Business Development.

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