SocialSurvey in 2019

SocialSurvey Looking Forward to 2019

SocialSurvey’s 2018 Highlights: 2018 was a fantastic year at SocialSurvey. Here are a couple of my favorite highlights: SocialMonitor: With SocialSurvey and our newest product launch, SocialMonitor, our clients now have the ability to monitor their employees’ online social profiles for compliance. SocialMonitor had a fantastic rollout. Our clients adopted it highly and it’s been […]

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Show up for Social with SocialSurvey

SocialSurvey WOWworthy with EmmaM Newsletter 11

Looking for ways to elevate your Multi-Location Brand in 2019? We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 places you should be checking out regularly to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Facebook Blueprint Training – Marketing Team Edition Digital Mayor Training – SocialSurvey Users Edition Behind the Review Instastories LIVE! 1. Facebook Blueprint […]

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The Advantage EZ Car Rental – SocialSurvey Story

Creating WOW for our Client Partners, at every level of their brand… it’s in the fabric of what we do at SocialSurvey. Two years ago, we partnered with Advantage EZ Rent A Car. In this Instastory LIVE, we shared their story, their results and how we Created WOW. 🔥 300,000 Google Reviews 🔥 41 point […]

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NEW for 2019: Top Performer Playbook

Top Performer Winner Results Release: March 2019   Playbook Release: May 2019 The mortgage industry is hard to manage… It takes a fine-tuned process to deliver a seamless experience to your clients. And even further, mortgage companies need a systemized approach to ensure your loan officers’ success. Therefore, SocialSurvey will leverage its Top Performers Winners of […]

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