#CreateWOWSummit Speaker Spotlight—Barry Habib

SocialSurvey Barry Habib

#CreateWOWSummit Speaker Spotlight—Barry Habib SocialSurvey’s #CreateWOWSummit—the highly anticipated “unconference” coming to Bishop Ranch this September 5-7th in beautiful San Ramon, California—is continuing its #CreateWOWSummit Speaker Spotlights to give attendees a preview of the WOW experiences to come. SocialSurvey had the great pleasure of speaking with legendary mortgage professional, Barry Habib, founder and CEO of MBS […]

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Google Me! SocialSurvey and your SEO

SocialSurvey SEO

When it comes to SEO, you’ve heard about it, know you want it, but it may escape you. Don’t worry, you are not alone. If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use, look no further. You will gain valuable information about how

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Are you Partnered? SocialSurvey Gap Analysis

SocialSurvey Gap Analysis

SocialSurvey recently launched its PARTNERProgram to ensure all of our customers are getting the full value of the platform. Our focus is to ‘Connect’ and ‘Integrate’ fully with your business to form our ‘Partnership’. Throughout this program, SocialSurvey’s Success Team will develop a quarterly Gap Analysis for your account to work together to build our […]

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New Feature Announcement : The New Widget

SocialSurvey Newsletter Widget

This month, SocialSurvey is excited about the release of our improved Widget! Our top priority has been listening to our clients’ requests and feedback, as we’ve redesigned our roadmap. One frequently popular request has been to enhance our widget—to allow our users more flexibility in what is displayed on their review page. We hope that […]

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Google, Facebook & Local Audiences

Facebook Pixel SocialSurvey

OPPORTUNITIES FOR NATIONAL BRANDS TO DOMINATE LOCALLY Knowing where to spend your valuable advertising dollars is a big decision. There are the more traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper and radio, and then there are the plethora of online options, from Google and Facebook to email and video… it can be overwhelming. Let’s face […]

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