Lenders One Sponsors the #CreateWOWSummit

SocialSurvey Lenders One Sponsorship

Reporting live from Lenders One 2018 Summer Conference, Craig Pollack from SocialSurvey connected with Matt Orlando from Lenders One to announce Lenders One sponsorship of the highly anticipated Future Buyer session at the #CreateWOWSummit coming up in September featuring a star-studded lineup mortgage luminaries including Rick Arvielo, Barry Habib, Jon Gwin, Eddy Perez and David […]

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SocialSurvey Facebook Issue: Business versus Personal

SocialSurvey Business Personal Page

****IMPORTANT: FACEBOOK UPDATE**** Facebook is cracking down on the millions of apps that are auto-posting to Personal Profile Pages. Please read the entire article. We believe that sharing reviews to Personal Facebook Pages has become even more powerful and we have taken steps to use Facebook’s new policy to your advantage. Funny story: every day […]

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Launching Instagram on SocialSurvey & SocialMonitor

SocialMonitor Instagram

As all of you know we recently launched SocialMonitor for Facebook and Twitter last month. We are pleased to announce we are adding a new monitor for Instagram. Starting now, you will be able to monitor Instagram posts by your agents as soon as they add Instagram to their profile. The Instagram posts will appear […]

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Mortgage Professional America with SocialSurvey’s Craig Pollack

Mortgage Professional America SocialSurvey Craig Pollack

Mortgage Professional America sat down with Craig Pollack, SVP of Business Development at SocialSurvey to talk about how businesses are managing their reputation: Any business owner will tell you that online customer reviews can be the wind in your sails or the thorn in your side. Online reviews have a wider reach than a word […]

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