Newsletter 6

WowWorthy Energy Drives Engagement

Scott Harris SA Ibrahim SocialSurvey

SocialSurvey CEO, Scott Harris, sits down with SocialSurvey investor and former CEO of Radian, S.A. Ibrahim, on why energy leads to engagement between employees and customers. See the full transcript below: Scott: So I’m sitting here with the legend, S.A. Ibrahim, former CEO of Radian. I could take 10 minutes to go through all the […]

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Announcing SocialSurvey’s new feature for Zillow

Zillow Google Gating SocialSurvey

Scott Harris, CEO of SocialSurvey, discusses the important issue of gating reviews and how Zillow may follow in Google’s steps to allow the true voice of the customer to be heard. Watch the video. We’re excited to announce we’ve added a feature that will allow customers to pre-populate their entire review on the Zillow platform. […]

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David & Goliath in the Insurance Industry

SocialSurvey David Goliath Caleb

View the Youtube video clip here SocialSurvey’s Caleb Stanton illustrates how the insurance industry’s playing field is leveled—even disproportionately favored—by those who win locally. (Hint: this isn’t just for the insurance industry). Watch the above video and/or read the full transcript below. Imagine for a moment that I’m the prospect searching for insurance. There are […]

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Partner Highlight: Congratulations Summit Funding!

Summit Funding SocialSurvey

SocialSurvey’s PARTNERProgram seeks to ensure all of our customers are getting the full value of the platform. Our focus is to ‘Connect’ and ‘Integrate’ fully with your business to form our ‘Partnership’. One such client that has leveraged SocialSurvey for multiple internal projects and partnered with us is Summit Funding. SocialSurvey launched its relationship with […]

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