Panelist: Scott Harris, CEO and Founder of SocialSurvey

So you’ve followed through on steps one and two of your Choosing a Vendor checklist.

1. Demo Checklist: You’ve written down each and every promise you heard during the demo and created a checklist of what you expect when you buy the software. 

2. Collect User Stories: You went straight to the vendor’s customers and asked for candid experiences with the software, the benefits and the drawbacks.

Now what do you do? If you’ve heard good stories about a variety of users’ experiences with the product, then you’re probably ready to move forward and purchase. How do you make sure that you don’t lose momentum during the finishing steps and onboarding, and get the most out of your new product.

3. Finish. Your work to choosing the perfect vendor for your company isn’t over once you decide to purchase the product. Refer back to your demo checklist. Identify exactly what you were promised, and assign someone to make it happen. This will be your guide during onboarding, and the key to your success.

Throughout this process, onboarding in particular, don’t stop asking questions!

  • Is the new software fulfilling all of the promises made during the demo?
  • Am I getting the maximum value out of this product?
  • Is this new software meeting or exceeding my expectations?
  • If it’s not, is there something that can be changed?

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