Sharing in the Spirit of Reviews: LendingTree + SocialSurvey 2019

LendingTree SocialSurvey 2019

SocialSurvey has recently entered into an agreement with online broker LendingTree to provide more reviews to LOs and lenders. The two companies will be sharing review data to help boost the online reputation through highly trusted consumer reviews. We’re excited for an expected launch in Q1 of 2019!

“We’re excited to partner with SocialSurvey to further enhance our loan officer and lender review offering. For borrowers and lenders alike, this partnership offers even greater transparency into the loan process. Through our integration with SocialSurvey’s platform on LendingTree, consumers will have access to more reviews from our borrowers and loan officers so they can make informed decisions when comparing loan options, while our lending partners gain valuable and actionable insight to ensure customer service excellence.” — John Stewart, Director of Product Management for LendingTree

“It’s always been our belief that the reviews we collect on our platform are the property of our clients. It’s also our contention that their data be shared in as many places as possible. A partnership with a great brand like LendingTree allows our clients to get their review data on a very well-recognized website, and add to reviews that their loan officers may have already collected on that platform. And by getting LendingTree’s review data into our system, we’re also incorporating highly trusted reviews from consumers to help boost the online reputation of the loan officers.” — Craig Pollack, SVP of Business Development for SocialSurvey

Stay tuned for more updates on the SocialSurvey + LendingTree integration.