March 2020

Create WOW Customer Experiences

CX 2.0: Customer Experience Evolved

Airbnb, Apple, Uber and Zappos have got it all down.  But you don’t have to be a leading national brand to deliver a great customer experience (CX).  In a new book, Chief Executive Officer of SocialSurvey, Scott Harris, uncovers what it takes for any business to achieve consistent 5-star reviews and how to build a winning CX strategy in nine steps.  

According to Harris, the idea for the book came from repeated questions on the topic from frustrated business executives after his presentations at industry conferences around the country. 

“Everyone knows they need to deliver a great customer experience, but they don’t know how to design a strategy that makes it possible,” said Harris.  “That’s all laid out in my book.”  

Harris devotes a chapter each to nine simple rules that businesses can follow to design their own winning CX strategy. Each chapter concludes with a recap, along with advice and practical exercises to help you build your strategy.

In “CX 2.0 – Create WOW Customer Experiences”, readers will learn why businesses today need to shift from a traditional, passive “data-at-rest” approach to be more proactive and leverage “data-in-motion” in real-time.  Highlighting customer experience leaders like Airbnb, Uber and Zappos, Harris makes the case for automation and how it plays an essential role in powering great customer experiences.

This is the new how-to-guide for business leaders who want to build a legendary and enduring customer experience that matters,” said David Kawata, CEO of Docitt. “It’s not luck, it’s a formula and it’s all here.”

Get a Complimentary Copy of Chapter One

If you’re interested in learning more about how to turn customers into fanatics and employees into advocates for your business, you can download a complimentary copy of the book’s first chapter. Just go to URL to get your copy.  If you’d like to purchase a copy of the book for yourself or to share with co-workers, you’ll find it available on Amazon.

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Scott Harris

In 2015, Scott capitalized on his 25 years of technology experience in real estate, mortgage and marketing to launch SocialSurvey, a fully automated Experience platform. Scott is author of Create WOW Customer Experiences, CEO of SocialSurvey, and expert speaker on CX.