SocialSurvey is Now Serving Your Insurance Partners

SocialSurvey Insurance

We’re excited to announce our launch into the insurance industry. The mortgage vertical has been our primary focus for several years, and we will continue to grow our offering to further support and add value for our current and future partners in this industry.

You have seen the value for your business. Have you thought about how SocialSurvey would WOW your partner’s businesses in insurance, title and real estate? We know many of you have.

Inquiries arrive daily from real estate and insurance companies who report, “I heard about SocialSurvey from my mortgage partner.” Unfortunately, we turned most of these away because we were not ready to serve both industries.

Insurance SocialSurvey

To prepare, we have brought on an insurance team to handle the demand. A referral from you to SocialSurvey would create a win for your partners and enhance your relationships. There are roughly 38,500 independent insurance agencies and over 1.1 million agents, so we all know somebody that could use an online boost. SocialSurvey is uniquely designed to help most of these professionals.

Insurance agents, just like mortgage loan officers, can use reviews on sites like GoogleMyBusiness, BBB, Facebook, SocialSurvey and LinkedIn not only to create new business, but also to validate how good they are at what they do. When potential customers look an agent up by name, SocialSurvey makes it easy to find the best of them online. We also believe that reviews from mutual customers will stimulate synergies, driving more referrals and new customers for our mortgage partners.

Maybe you have a partner in the insurance industry that could benefit from SocialSurvey. We would love to hear from you… and them!

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