The AEZ Rent A Car Company Turnaround Story

Creating WOW for our Client Partners, at every level of their brand… it’s in the fabric of what we do at SocialSurvey.

Two years ago, we partnered with Advantage EZ Rent A Car.

In this Instastory LIVE, we shared their story, their results and how we Created WOW.

🔥 300,000 Google Reviews 🔥 41 point NPS Increase 🔥 Employee Retention 🔥

See the documented results for yourself here.

Full transcript here:

Emma- We probably have about five minutes left and I'd really love for you
to share the Advantage EZ story. It is so powerful, and it weaves everything 
we've been talking about in together.

Scott- Yeah, it's epic, and whether you are a company that's trying to 
manage a bunch of call center folks, or you're trying to grow your 
mortgage / real estate / insurance company and help your frontline 
producers create more business and win locally... it fits. And so, 
Advantage Rental Car is one example. It's a really tough business 
to win in the rental car business, especially for some of the 
smaller players. They don't have the cost advantages, the fleet 
costs and things are not the same, their financing costs are not 
the same, and so it's a really tough business for them to really 
be price leaders and win those customers. And then, there's some 
other things that happen along the way that make it really hard 
for them to deliver a WOW or create a really good experience for 
their customers. But SocialSurvey decided to partner--

Emma- Can I just ask, what does the customer service person at the 
counter have control over?

Scott- The experience, the relationship. That's right, so we decided 
in this tough business that we wanted to pick the point where we 
are in front of the customer, right? And that's the moment we can 
control. So, we literally mapped every agent into SocialSurvey 
and the branches they work for, and now when you walk up to the 
counter at Advantage, a big portion of their compensation is based 
on their SocialSurvey scores, and how they treat the customer. A piece 
of it is also based on: did they get the right email address and phone 
number?, did they get good content from the customer? and how much 
they're engaging the customer. It's interesting, that company- 
the difference has been phenomenal. As you walk away from the 
counter, you're getting an email from George, or Josie, or whoever 
you just interacted with. It's got their face and name on it and 
it says, "How did we do?" And now, it's humanized. And because 
they're delivering such a great experience, for their last provider, 
they had two and a half percent response rate. They went up to a 10% response rate. 
They had 47% good quality data, meaning they 
didn't have good email addresses because it said, "Do not email at 
Travelocity or", because that's where the business was 
coming from. But now they're changing it, because they want those 
reviews. They want that compensation bump. And so, they've went 
from about 30,000 reviews a year to almost 300,000 reviews a year! 
The employees are engaged, they're powering their compensation with 
it, and we're driving behavior. We then ask those same customers to 
write Google reviews; we've created 20,000 Google reviews for 
this company and they have improved, and this is the True Voice of 
their Customers. We don't gate with Google. So this is just asking 
every customer to write a review on Google. They went from an 
average of 1.8 across their 75 or so locations to high threes 
across all locations. They're seeing hundreds of thousands of new, 
organic clicks. Just think of the ROI. They're retaining employees 
longer. Their customers are happier. Their loyalty programs are 
spiking. Their brand and their reviews over the internet have 
improved tenfold.

Emma- What about their NPS?

Scott- Their NPS, the first six months, we improve their NPS score. I 
say "we", our system in partnership with their great effort 
improved their NPS score over 40 points.

Emma- Now, let's talk about a piece of gold here that you haven't 
introduced yet in the form of Mareesa.

Scott- Yeah, so...this is how we Create WOW. The Mareesa Impact, we call it.

Emma- And she's an Aussie, so...

Scott- When we partner with a big, Multi-Location Brand, for us it's 
really important that they feel the WOW and that they win. And so, 
depending on the size of the company, we will assign a dedicated 
person. Mareesa is our dedicated person that literally flies to 
every location, that trains people, that gets people set up, that 
makes sure they're using it right, that makes sure they're engaged 
in the system, that makes sure they know how to win, that 
understands scripting, that understands.... And she will high-five, 
she takes awards and rewards to all those folks. I mean, we're literally 
saying to the company, "Not only are we going to give you software, 
but we're gonna make sure that the way you implement that software 
is through best practices." And so, we and the leadership team, and all the 
employees at Advantage EZ, and Mareesa in large part, are all one big 
team helping Create WOW experiences for their customers and power 
their brand.