2016 Top 25 Mortgage Loan Originator for Customer Satisfaction: Tim Prindle

SocialSurvey has declared Tim Prindle one of the Top 25 Loan Officers in America. Among 10,000 loan officers, Tim sets himself apart with more than 132 five-star reviews and award-winning customer satisfaction. Tim’s enthusiasm to establish a genuine trust between himself and the customer has landed him within the top 1% of loan officers in the country.

Outside of work, you’ll find Tim out road and mountain cycling, jeeping, or hiking. And it’s that same passion for adventure that Tim extends to his customers. Since 2005, Tim has been in the business of loan originating, enhancing the industry one client at a time. In 2011, he won Iron County Utah’s Citizen of the Year award. His determination to respect and retain his customers is his secret sauce in the business.

Tim, one of our most spirited and straightforward top originators, has demonstrated the power of heart, consistency, and trust within the mortgage lending industry. Congratulations to Tim on achieving the impossible, with an average rating of 4.9 stars, winning a place among the 25 brilliant top originators in the country in 2016.

Tim Prindle is amazing!! He went above and beyond to get us into our home. He is a straight shooter, and a wealth of knowledge. His brain works at a crazy fast pace. And I truly felt that he was 100% working for me…

Reviewed by Nicholas B. / January 2017

Tim is a straight shooter. He admits, “I’m not everybody’s favorite, but more often than not, good results are obtained”. Tim’s realistic character is refreshing. Especially in this industry, when originating loans can be frustrating for the customer and demanding for the loan officer. But Tim pulls through for his customers with his trustworthy and fun character.

We wanted to know what Tim does to achieve such happy customers. Here’s what Tim had to say about success in the lending industry.

The process of originating and closing loans is complicated. How are you able to make it easy and seamless for your clients?

Generally, I try to set a realistic expectation and set the tone that there will be things required upon discovery. Sometimes things show up or occur that inevitably require more documentation. Most importantly is my co-worker/processor. She is the best.

I work with a hands-on approach; a sense of urgency; I go to great lengths to explain markets, rates, loan types, pros/cons. Genuine compassion.

In order to be successful, you often must juggle multiple customers and priorities. How do you show each and every client that you really care?

By actions. Respect of time…their time.

Tim attributes his customers’ satisfaction to trust. With the number of customers and priorities a lending agent encounters, you can imagine the struggle to keep every client pleased. Tim builds a comfortable foundation through his actions. With respect for each customer’s time and a heartfelt compassion for every customer’s need, he creates a positive experience.

I try to be very candid, heartfelt, educational, and passionate about my approach…

One of Tim’s greatest loan achievements was closing a VA loan for Korean War Vet Glen. At 86 years old, Glen was hoping to settle into his own home. However, he was faced with multiple finish lines. Tim raced to close Glen’s challenging approval process.

In March of 2017, “because of Tim’s persistence and caring dedication, [Glen and his wife] got the loan approved!”, tells Glen. He reports further, “I can say that I have never dealt with a more knowledgeable and caring individual than Tim Prindle.”

I positively affected this Vet’s life as well as his wife, and I’m proud of this accomplishment.

Your customers have reported that you can be trusted with their most important financial decision, what do you do to continue to earn that trust?  What does that trust mean to you?

I try to be very candid, heartfelt, “educational”, and passionate about my approach…

He acknowledges that customers respond positively to his straightforward charisma. He works quickly. He communicates effectively. And he strives to get the job done with true allegiance to his customers.

What activities do you do to retain your customers and earn referrals?

By establishing relationships with Top Realtors in the area and by word of mouth… I work with a hands-on approach; a sense of urgency; I go to great lengths to explain markets, rates, loan types, pros/cons.

If you could time-travel: would you go to the past or the future? Why?

Neither. I believe this is how we as people get bogged down in never feeling fulfillment. I will/would stay right here in the present.

I work with a hands-on approach; a sense of urgency; I go to great lengths to explain markets, rates, loan types, pros/cons. Genuine compassion.

And he carries on those relationships with genuine compassion for all of his customers. Twelve years in the mortgage lending industry and counting has equipped Tim with the intuition to steer his success. However, he humbly maintains that he wishes to “know what other TOP originators do” to achieve ultimate success.

People do amazing things when trust abounds … and in this day and age when trust can be “fragile” or non-existent, it’s refreshing to me that it can and does prevail.

 Article Written By Rebecca Harris