Top Performer Best Practices Guide

Owning a home is still the American Dream. Mortgage companies and their loan officers are at the forefront of making this dream come true for millions of Americans every year. To be successful, they have to deliver an excellent customer experience regardless of housing market fluctuations or state of the economy. But success comes with challenges. In many cases, although loan officers recognize the importance of self-marketing, they have little time to dedicate to nurturing customer relationships, and most importantly, generating “word of mouth” referrals for new business.

A strong referral network is still critical to the success of individual loan officers and the branches where they work. Today, traditional “word of mouth” has evolved into “online reviews” and feedback from online customer surveys are essential to digital marketing in the mortgage industry. While a mortgage company may have a national brand, their loan officers at each location still have to compete and win locally to succeed.

One thing all the 2019 Top Performers have in common is SocialSurvey, a fully automated experience management platform that captures the voice of the customer and empowers loan officers to easily personalize the customer experience. The platform is built around the company’s customer experience (CX) 2.0 methodology and leverages the power of online surveys and reviews to help loan officers and the companies they work for become the most prominent, local and relevant option when people search on keywords like “mortgage”. The result: new performance milestones for loan officers that translate into positive business outcomes.

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