MarTech Industry Trends

Rising industry trends were a hot topic at this month’s Lenders One Summer Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Industry leaders Sue Woodard, Chief Customer Officer of Total Expert and Scott Harris, founder and CEO of SocialSurvey, discuss strategies that can help maximize your ROI potential.

  1. Customer for Life. More than ever, companies are recognizing the importance of relationships for their brand. There’s “a real acknowledgement of the value of [the] customer” in the industry today. Sue says “staying in touch with that customer at the right time, [and] looking for the repeat and referral business” can grow customer engagement.
  2. Personal Brand. “Individual loan officers and salespeople have a personal brand that you should be capitalizing on, not fighting,” explains Sue. Scott agrees that the personal brand your employee develops has a way of boosting your enterprise success.
  3. Enterprise Value. Some are building, some are buying. But the end goal is the same: capitalizing on your enterprise value. Those buying are seeking out companies–such as SocialSurvey–who have systemized the best practices to boost your company success.

These trends can be the stepping stones to your success in the industry as you build and protect your brand.

L1 Panel: Generate New Business Through MarTech