Whatta WOW Year!

WOW! You did it! You made this year truly remarkable. With so much on our plates, we nearly missed recognizing the shift in momentum. But then came the Real Estate Mastermind Summit in Las Vegas. We were smacked upside the head with the most gracious, enthusiastic, and humbling feedback. One after another—completely unsolicited—users sought us out to tell us how much they love SocialSurvey and how much we’ve improved their results (even doubling business, in some cases). We overheard attendees raving to colleagues about SocialSurvey without knowing we were within earshot (sorry for eavesdropping!). You made us feel amazing and you left us stunned.

So it dawned on us: We have fans now. Who would’ve guessed?

Your loyalty and enthusiasm for SocialSurvey have blown us away. These types of experiences made our year and inspire us to work even harder to solve more of your business needs.

For your praise, we thank you!

We started the year with a handful of team members working around a dining room table and are ending it with more than 40 WOW-making team members bustling at offices in the Bay Area and around the world. Here are some of the highlights, with a taste of things to come.

We’re partnering up for success.

To help us lead the way in Enterprise Reputation Management, we’ve partnered with over 90 lenders and will bring on 180+ more in 2018. Each month, we collect more than 30,000 mortgage reviews and share those reviews nearly 250,000 times online. Additionally, we help our customers create over 5,000 reviews on other third-party sites, like Google Reviews, each month.

We’re honoring those who excel.

Our annual list of the Top Loan Officers and Top Mortgage Companies for customer satisfaction has been a true labor of love. It’s nearly impossible to make the list (take a look at the criteria here), but that’s why it’s worth celebrating. This year, we are adding a Top Workplace in the Mortgage Industry. Making it to the top is something loan officers can truly be proud to share. Here’s a sample of what it takes from Brian Sciutto and his team at Pure Mortgage who are masters at building customers for life:

“I believe that the relationship with the client begins when the transaction closes. We follow up with our clients 12 times per year after the close of escrow. These touches include monthly customer service calls for the first six months, two client appreciation events per year, birthday calls, anniversary calls, loan anniversary calls, tax season calls, and a significant physical mail campaign. We don’t tell the clients we care. We show them we care.”

Brian Sciutto, Pure Mortgage

We’re becoming a data powerhouse.

When it comes to real estate transactions, loan officers aren’t usually known as the stars of the show. However, our reviews tell us customers truly see the loan officer as a welcome advocate, helping them navigate a long, arduous process. In fact, out of every 100 reviews, nearly 95% of respondents report a “GREAT EXPERIENCE” while about 1% report an “UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE”. Of those reporting UNPLEASANT, communication remains the #1 reported issue.

We’re listening.

When we ask users why they love SocialSurvey so much, “It just works,” is the top answer. With so many complicated systems clogging up their daily work, we take pride in providing the one to-do that’s practically effortless. But we won’t rest on those laurels. We held our first user Summit in September 2017 and walked away with remarkable feedback. Want more social integrations, monitoring and marketing capabilities? Stay tuned; we’re on it.

I’m rarely impressed by vendors, especially within the mortgage space. Spending time with the team at SocialSurvey the last two days, I can say I am really impressed.

The mortgage lending space is highly competitive. Never at any level, at any conference or the like, have I seen an open collaboration with competitors like the one I experienced yesterday. We are excited to be a part of what the SocialSurvey team is building, me especially. Which is why I am proud to call them a Mason-McDuffie mortgage partner, not a vendor.

Jason C. Frazier, CIO Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corp.

We’re a people-first company.

At the end of the day, we’re helping people have better business experiences. We offer a platform to amplify the true voice of the customer and their employees, which is improving businesses and improving industries. Relationships are vital to us, and that’s why we’ve developed a culture to Create WOW by striving every single day to:

  • Do The Right Thing
  • Build Amazing
  • Deliver On Our Promise
  • Care & Connect

  • Impact The Future
  • Have A Blast
  • Finish What We Start
  • Be The Solution

Thanks to you, we feel like we’re ending the year on top of the world. Our tireless pursuit to Create WOW for you every day is paying off. We know we’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg, though, and we’re ready for more heavy lifting in 2018. There are new verticals in our grasp and new product rollouts we can’t wait to share with you.

In the meantime, look for us at your next conference or trade show. We’ll be at the Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference in Amelia Island mid-January, along with TMC and LendersOne conferences shortly thereafter. We’d love to give you a high-five, too, and find out how we can Create WOW for you this coming year.

Happy New Year from the entire SocialSurvey team!


Watch our CEO Scott Harris adorn SocialSurvey’s office walls with our core values.