A simple survey used to determine happy from unhappy employees. Once determined, our automated tool drives happy employees to leave reviews and ratings online. Unhappy employees are driven towards resolution.

If you aren’t managing your online reputation, your unhappy employees are more than happy to do it for you.

Why spend countless hours, money and bandwidth trying to recruit the right people, only to lose them because your company is being misrepresented online? Just ask yourself this: What kind of employee is more motivated to go online and leave a review… a happy employee? Or an unhappy employee?



Features for Workforce


Custom Setup and Automated Process

Easy, automated boarding process. We do all the heavy lifting. We will do the boarding for you in less than 1 day. We set up every survey, email template and advanced workflow.


White Labeled Campaigns

6 simple, effective survey questions to determine employee satisfaction.


Workflows for Happy & Unhappy Employees

Drive your happy employees to Glassdoor and Indeed. Programmatically send your HR department alerts for any unhappy employee feedback.



Rating Trends. Completion % / Survey Metrics.



Survey Response Data. Click-through tracking for Glassdoor & Indeed.

Why Workforce?

Gain business insights from employee feedback while making sure unhappy employees are taken care of before leaving harmful reviews. Happy employees have an automated tool to increase ratings and reviews online.

  • Add value to your recruiting, marketing and
    reporting initiatives

  • Transform your online reputation on sites like
    Glassdoor and Indeed

  • Gain valuable feedback from employees

  • Improve work culture