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Our Benefits

SocialSurvey Cares

SocialSurvey Cares is an annual dollar match program that goes alongside our team members who are impacting their individual communities.

Health Insurance

We provide an amazing healthcare package for your health, dental, vision and life insurance.

Campus Bikes & Events

There are also free bikes to swipe and rent for ease of movement throughout the Bishop Ranch campus.

Gym Membership

We offer a free employee membership to a state-of-the-art, full gym for exercise, classes and other opportunities to maintain great health. Join us for Workout Wednesday, when the whole team goes through their paces together, or stay in shape with your own regular visits.

A Really Cool Work Space

You spend a huge part of your life at work. Shouldn’t it be a great place with great people? Our space is warm, fun and an inspiring place to be highly productive. Each aspect of our environment has been carefully planned to fulfill our values and inspire our team.

On-Campus Restaurants

Our campus provides fantastic food options from The Roundhouse which features American fare, pizza & pasta, a Mexican cantina, food trucks and other options.

Free Drinks & Snacks

Need a lift throughout the day? We provide free snacks, food and drinks to keep you humming at peak capacity. There’s always something good to eat – from Taco Tuesday to occasional Pizza runs, we will see to it you don’t go hungry or thirsty.

Free Busing to The Bart

Our on-site campus provides an award-winning transportation service to and from the BART Station at Walnut Creek.



Why SocialSurvey?

SocialSurvey is a tech company. But we are so much more than that. We are all about improving people’s lives. Whether it is the incredible people we work with on our team every day or the companies we partner with in business, we are always looking for ways to make others around us better. We are a unique product, a unique culture, a unique team, and a unique opportunity for the right person.



We bring integration to improve our partners’ businesses, their culture, and their outcomes. We don’t treat people like customers, we treat them like our family. At SocialSurvey, we are not about selling a product. We are about making our world a better place. If this sounds like a cause you could get behind, then we would like to hear from you!

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Our Rapid Response Commitment.

We promise not to leave you hanging in résumé limbo. We will communicate with you promptly and clearly. We value people and we will honor our Core Value to “Do The Right Thing”.

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Mareesa Hoglund

Tell us about a WOW’ment you have had at SocialSurvey?

“CEO giving me the opportunity to be the one to discuss and speak about our Company at our first every Hospitality conference.”

Mareesa Hoglund / Customer Success Manager

Jeremy Gonzalez

What sticks out to you about the culture of SocialSurvey?

“The culture of SocialSurvey is exactly what every company should strive for. Everyone doing their part, while supporting and encouraging the rest of the team. There’s a light and positive attitude that coexists with the strong work ethic. It’s what we promote as our brand and why I believe in the platform.”

Jeremy Gonzalez / Business Development Representative

Gabe Balanag

What sticks out to you about the culture of SocialSurvey?

“The down to earth atmosphere”

Gabe Balanag / Regional Vice President of Real Estate

Ryan Bones

Describe working @ SocialSurvey in one word?


Ryan Bones / Customer Success Manager

Leena Kostelich

What sticks out to you about the culture of SocialSurvey?

“Laughter. Love. Family. Winning.”

Leena Kostelich / North East RVP of Business Development

Kristin Morrah

What do you like most about working @ SocialSurvey?

“I love the product that we’re selling and the people I work with.”

Kristin Morrah / Director of Boarding

Jonathan Angel

Describe working @ SocialSurvey in one word?


Jonathan Angel / VP of Technology

Stephanie Burger

What sticks out to you about the culture of SocialSurvey?

“Definitely having that family atmosphere.”

Stephanie Burger / Design Ninja

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